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Internal mezzanine floors 99% of the time have 38mm thick P6 high density flooring grade chipboard. In the possible event of minor spills, P5 moisture resistant chipboard decking would be recommended.

External mezzanine platforms have galvanised steel chequer plate or galvanised steel open mesh flooring to prevent rotting and rusting from the weather. (Also see FAQ).

Main Beams

Universal Beams similar to an RSJ or I Beam are the main support for mezzanine floors.

Secondary Joists

Galvanised steel C-section is used with cleats at each end to connect to the main beams. The decking is screwed to the joists thus forming the mezzanine floor.  


To support a mezzanine floor square hollow section steel (SHS) ranging from 70mm² to 200mm² are used. A flat square steel plate is welded to the bottom of the SHS forming a base plat and a flat rectangular steel plate is welded to the top to connect to the universal beam.


Access to the mezzanine floor is gained by the use of a staircase. We are able to offer a comprehensive designed all steel staircases constructed from 100x50x5mm Rectangular Hollow Section stringers with 50x50x2.5 Square Hollow Section posts and 50x25x2.5 Rectangular Hollow Section hand & knee rail which is generally more than acceptable for mezzanine storage platforms and mezzanine office area’s. The steel treads are from 800mm to 1200mm wide with open or closed risers. The width and type of riser does depend on what the mezzanine floor will be used for.

Hand & Knee Rail.

Edge protection to a mezzanine floor depends on the use and environment the mezzanine floor will be situated in. For mezzanine storage platforms and mezzanine office area’s handrail generally consists of 50x50x2.5 square hollow section posts 1130mm high with 33.7mm galvanised circular hollow section handrail at 1100mm high and 33.7mm galvanised circular hollow section knee rail at 550mm high. However a mezzanine floor which will be mainly used by the public and small children will require to have no gaps enabling a 100mm sphere to pass through. This can be overcome in a number of ways from MDF/Chipboard panels, steel bars at 100mm centres to tempered glass panels, all depending on your budget requirements.


Mezzanine floors do not necessarily require kickboard at the bottom of the handrail posts. However if you have the possibility of small objects being accidentally kicked of the edge of the mezzanine floor it is good health and safety practice to install kickboard consisting of 12mm thick timber (Self Colour) 100mm high with planed sawn edges screwed to the bottom of the handrail posts.

Sliding Style Load Gate

A mezzanine floor for storage purposes would most likely require a Load Gate to enable access of goods on to the mezzanine floor. This simple design acting like a trombone sliding in the hand and knee rail is designed to create an opening of 1.5m to 2.0m without taking up crucial space on the mezzanine floor area and is constructed from 22mm steel circular hollow section.

Up & Over Style Safety Load Gate

A load gate designed to create a barrier on the mezzanine floor when open or closed (i.e. no open edges for personnel to fall off the floor). The gate is constructed from 50x25x2.5 steel rectangular hollow section and will provide an opening for a 1500mm cubed load. (Also see Gallery).

Wear Plate

This is required when the load gate has heavy use and protects the chipboard surface within the load gate area. The Wear Plate is constructed from 1500x1500x3mm steel chequer plate with a 100mm down turn to protect the chipboard edge of the mezzanine floor.

1 Hour Fire Rating

Depending on the size, location and use of a mezzanine floor within a building, 1 hour fire rating may be required to the underside of the mezzanine floor. This is achieved by using a 1 hour fire rated 1200x600mm lay in grid suspended ceiling hanging from the underside of the floor, 1 hour fire rated column cases finished in white PVC and 1 hour fire rated fascia finished in white PVC to all exposed edges of the mezzanine floor. (Also see FAQ).

Paint Finish

Decking: Self Colour

Secondary Joists: Galvanised

Hand & Knee Rail: Galvanised

Handrail Posts: Blue Ral 5010 (Can be changed)

All other Steelwork: Blue Ral 5010 (Can be changed)