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Frequently Asked Questions 

1.       Are there any size restrictions on mezzanine floors?

There are no restrictions on size, height or shape. It is also possible to have multiple tier mezzanine floors.

2.       Do I have to arrange for building regulation approval?

No, we here at S & L Mezzanines Ltd are able to take care of the approval for you through an approved inspector scheme.

3.       Am I able to change the design of mezzanine floor at any stage?

You are able to make certain changes to your mezzanine within the first 2 weeks, however this may result in a slight delay to your installation and also additional costs.

4.       Will I have to arrange the floor installation myself?

You have the option of arranging the installation yourself; however we do have our own professional mezzanine floor installation team, who will ensure that your project goes as smoothly as possible with the least disruption to your business as possible.

5.        I am not sure what loading I require on my mezzanine floor?

Loadings are worked out using the British Standard load tables referenced against your proposed usage of the mezzanine floor. Please advise the use of the mezzanine floor on our request a quote page and we will do the rest. For storage purposes please indicate if a mezzanine floor is for light use 4.8 Kn/m² (480kg in a metre square), a mezzanine floor is for medium use 7.2 Kn/m² (720kg in a metre square), or a mezzanine floor is for heavy use 9.6 Kn/m² (960kg in a metre square) and for office purposes the loading would need to be 3.5 Kn/m ² (350kg in a metre square). However If you are in any doubt please contact our mezzanine floor sales team for assistance.

6.       Will my mezzanine floor require fire protection?

If your proposed mezzanine floor is to exceed in the following, 1 hour fire rating will be required to the underside of the mezzanine floor to conform with Building Regulations:-

·         The size of the mezzanine floor is in excess of 400m²

·         The size of the mezzanine floor exceeds 50% of the room it is to be installed in.

·         The number of people working on the mezzanine floor exceeds 3 at any one time.

·         The mezzanine floor is used for purposes other than storage, automated storage and maintenance.

Note:- Fire rating may not be required under any circumstances if you propose to have a sprinkler system extended to the underside of the mezzanine floor.

7.       Are there any additional items or costs I need to be aware of?

Mezzanine floors require Smoke Detection, Emergency Lighting and Fire Exit Signs. Customers usually employ their own local qualified electrician. We will also need the use of your fork lift truck to assist with off loading and installation of the mezzanine floor. If neither is available, do not panic; please contact our mezzanine floor sales team.

8.       What type of decking do I require?

Internal mezzanine floors 99% of the time have 38mm thick high density flooring grade chipboard. A steel chequer plate surface would be required if in the likely event any type of liquid would be permanently accumulating on the mezzanine floor. External mezzanine platforms have galvanised steel chequer plate or galvanised steel open mesh flooring to prevent rotting and rusting from the weather.

9.       I would like to have very few columns under the mezzanine floor?

We can design the column grid to support the mezzanine floor to the customer’s requirement. However please bear in mind that an economical grid for a mezzanine floor is approx. 4.5m x 4.0m.

10. What do I need to do before the mezzanine floor delivery and installation?

Ensure the mezzanine floor installation area and the access to the area is as clear. Power and lighting is available. Pop the kettle on and leave the rest to us.